“How to Kill a Pitch” – A ComicWalt Original Video Short (Dark Humor)

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If you’ve ever worked at an ad agency, and if you’ve ever pitched to a client who makes you want to shoot yourself, this video is for you. Warning: light comic violence. Ad creatives: Don’t let this happen to you. Writer: Walt Jaschek | Director: Angie Lawing | Cinematographer: Chris Lawing

ComicWalt Gushes A Little Over Detective Comics #1000

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In this “Special Comic Book Collecting Report,” Walt Jaschek, AKA ComicWalt, writer and comic lover, shows the three (and surprisingly, just three) cover variant editions of Detective #1000 he picked, explains why he picked them, and has some praise for the book — especially one story. What editions did YOU pick? And why? Let Walt know in the comments! Thanks, True Believers. Wait. That’s somebody else’s line.

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Watchmen Hoodie from Second-Hand Store Prompts Walt Jaschek to Pivot

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By Walt Jaschek

Recently I found this great Watchmen hoodie at a Savers thrift store in Ellisville, Missouri. 


I know what you’re thinking; it’s the same as I was thinking. “Who the heck would give THIS UP?”

(It even has the words “Who Watches the Watchmen?” scrawled on the back.

Turns out this fateful $5 purchase has been very… transformational.
1. It’s very warm, which helps when St.Louis, Missouri is very cold. This winter, it has been.
2. It inspired me to reread the source material – by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, of course – in advance of Watchmen on HBO. Hope they do it justice, but likely I’ll say, as I almost always do: #thebookisbetter.
2.5. As I was rereading, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez was quoting it, which made me swoon.
3. The arrival of this groovy discount garment into my life comes as I ponder a major pivot in my creative life: away at from advertising and marketing (had a good 35-year-run on that) and back at last to some my first creative loves:
Writing comics.
Creating cartoons.
Making funny videos.
And crafting stories: fiction and non.
More on all that soon, right here on ComicWalt. But the lesson for us all:
When you’re in a discount store, and you think, “Should I buy this hoodie?”

Attorneys in Space™: Attorneys. Practicing Space Law. In Space.

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New from Walt “ComicWalt” Jaschek: Attorneys In Space!™ Seeking justice, rule of law and billable hours in the far reaches of… outer space! Attorneys in Space! Coming soon as a serialized graphic novel written by Walt… but available now as Attorneys in Space t-shirts and gift items. Isn’t there an attorney in your life who needs one? Get in on this before it… takes off! Attorneys In Space!


Attorneys in Space™ concept and design: Walt Jaschek. Art: Paul Daly and Don Secrease. TM and © Walt Jaschek. Buy now!

RIP Stan Lee: A Story About Stan Sending ComicWalt a “No-Prize.”

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By Walt Jaschek

In 7th grade, I wrote a gushing fan letter to Stan Lee. The letter was subsequently published in its entirety in Captain America #107, November, 1968. A thrill. Here’s the cover, by Jack Kirby (another hero:)


But it got better. Stan deemed the letter worthy of a “No-Prize,” his inside-joke “award” for fans – an envelope with literally nothing inside. So when, a few weeks later, said envelope from Marvel arrived, my 12-year-old head hit the ceiling.

This is my way of saying… RIP Stan, entertainer extraordinaire, wizard of words and worlds, and an outsized influence on many, including me. I’m so happy you lived long enough to see your co-creations explode into every corner of pop culture. Thanks for the ride.

And thanks also for this little envelope: no prize I’ve gotten since surpasses.


“Congratulations,” it says. “This envelope contains a genuine Marvel Comics No-Prize which you have just won. Handle with Care.” I did, through the decades. That’s a pic I shot recently. The outer envelope (from 625 Madison Avenue, New York, 10022) has yellowed. The No-Prize itself… is mint. 

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