“Ned and the Nude:” A Spec Comic for The Simpsons™ by Walt Jaschek, Don Secrease and Bill Lux

Done-In-One Comics, Humor, Spec, The Simpsons

Ned Flanders nude? Nude as in naked? This ComicWalt spec comic was a try-out for The Simpsons comicsbooks, submitted on spec to publisher Bongo. It was intended as a back-up feature: Walt Jaschek wrote the script, Don Secreae penciled, and Bill Lux inked, colored and lettered. We love The Simpsons, and would love to contribute to this nakedly wonderful comedyverse. Also, we love Matt Groening and ALL his creations. So until we (ever) hear from Bongo, consider this a bit of Simpsons fan fiction, and, yes, a commentary on art, adult education, shame – and (eventually) pride!

The Simpsons are ™ and © 20th Television.

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