Watchmen Hoodie from Second-Hand Store Prompts Walt Jaschek to Pivot

Great Finds, Great Reads, Walt on Camera

By Walt Jaschek

Recently I found this great Watchmen hoodie at a Savers thrift store in Ellisville, Missouri. 


I know what you’re thinking; it’s the same as I was thinking. “Who the heck would give THIS UP?”

(It even has the words “Who Watches the Watchmen?” scrawled on the back.

Turns out this fateful $5 purchase has been very… transformational.
1. It’s very warm, which helps when St.Louis, Missouri is very cold. This winter, it has been.
2. It inspired me to reread the source material – by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, of course – in advance of Watchmen on HBO. Hope they do it justice, but likely I’ll say, as I almost always do: #thebookisbetter.
2.5. As I was rereading, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez was quoting it, which made me swoon.
3. The arrival of this groovy discount garment into my life comes as I ponder a major pivot in my creative life: away at from advertising and marketing (had a good 35-year-run on that) and back at last to some my first creative loves:
Writing comics.
Creating cartoons.
Making funny videos.
And crafting stories: fiction and non.
More on all that soon, right here on ComicWalt. But the lesson for us all:
When you’re in a discount store, and you think, “Should I buy this hoodie?”