“How to Kill a Pitch” – A ComicWalt Original Video Short (Dark Humor)

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If you’ve ever worked at an ad agency, and if you’ve ever pitched to a client who makes you want to shoot yourself, this video is for you. Warning: light comic violence. Ad creatives: Don’t let this happen to you. Writer: Walt Jaschek | Director: Angie Lawing | Cinematographer: Chris Lawing

ComicWalt Gushes A Little Over Detective Comics #1000

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In this “Special Comic Book Collecting Report,” Walt Jaschek, AKA ComicWalt, writer and comic lover, shows the three (and surprisingly, just three) cover variant editions of Detective #1000 he picked, explains why he picked them, and has some praise for the book — especially one story. What editions did YOU pick? And why? Let Walt know in the comments! Thanks, True Believers. Wait. That’s somebody else’s line.

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